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2013 Special Guests

Savan Gupta

Savan Gupta - A former Wizards of the Coast employee, Mr. Gupta has mentored generations of gamers and aspiring contributors into the roleplaying and speculative fiction genres. Founder, President & CEO of Steam-Funk Studios, Mr. Gupta has been featured as a Character Actor in a variety of endeavors over the last three years. A Five-time veteran Emcee of Jeff Mach's "The Anachronism" and recent Co-Emcee at Dorian's Parlor amongst a plethora of other conventions, events, soirees and gala affairs, Mr. Gupta has had a hand in a variety of projects, be it Standup Comedy and even contributing as a patron to a few products in the RPG industry. The Company at large, under Mr. Gupta's Direction has produced several YouTube promotional ads for the Steampunk World's Fair, International Steam City and others, as well as having featured at events such as Authors After Dark, Steampunk Industrial Revolution and even being featured in media coverage of New York Comicon 2011. Recently returned from Steampunk @ Gettysburg: Film, Art and Music Festival and preparing to deploy several performance troupes at The Twisted World: Divine Decadence, Mr. Gupta is ever watchful for new talents graphic design, writing and performance as he expands his brand nationwide. Having said that, Mr. Gupta has also put in time with several charitable organizations, as a friend of the Imperial 501st Connecticut Garrison and as a vocal proponent for Operation Hammond, as its Director of Marketing. Photo by J.A. Starr Photography.

The Asterplace

The Asterplace is a Tokyo Melodic Core / Japanese Anime Rock Band from Japan.

They are based in New York City. Performing at worldwide Rock festivals and Anime or Comic conventions. Their band name "The Asterplace" means creating beautiful music like a flower blossoming every year, the origin of the name comes directly from their beautiful melody of music. As the sun shines in the world, as the moonlight in the sky, The Asterplace plays music for the world. Their performance is really marvelous in spite of being a rookie band. After their fantastic concert at Anime Syracuse 2011 they've performed at many conventions as musical head liner at Zenkaikon, Toracon ,BAMcon,DC Sakura Matsuri, KOTORIcon and more!

Website: www.asterplace.net


Chris Cason

Holy Roman Empire in "Hetalia", Gluttony in "Fullmetal Alchemist", Mr. Popo and Tien Shinhan in "Dragonball Z", Jack the Ripper in "Soul Eater", Miyamoto and M1 in "Yu Yu Hakusho", Taruru in "Sgt. Frog", Boo and Whitey in "Shin Chan", Hanai in "School Rumble", Ukyo in "Ouran High School Host Club", Chamo in "Negima", Babbit in "Kodocha", Siegfried in "Kenichi", and Hanbei in "Sengoku Basara" represent some of Chris's favorite and best known roles.

Since 1998, Cason has participated in almost every facet of anime production.  He has been associated with numerous projects in a voice acting, ADR directing, or scriptwriting capacity. Having performed over one hundred characters and appearing in ten animated shows broadcast on American television, some of his work has been featured on: The Cartoon Network, Nicktoons, The Independent Film Channel (IFC), Spike TV, and The CW.

You may have also heard him in: Case Closed, Gunslinger Girl, Basilisk, Suzuka, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Black Cat, Darker Than Black, Bamboo Blade, Kaze no Stigma, Aquarion, One Piece, Big Windup!, D. Gray-Man, Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad, RIN, Speed Grapher, Oh! Edo Rocket, Summer Wars, Initial D, and Deadman Wonderland.

As an ADR Director for three studios spanning eight years, Chris has had the pleasure of casting/directing/asst. directing such titles as: Dragonball Z Uncut, Dragonball, Dragonball GT, Yu Yu Hakusho, Negima, Kodocha, Galaxy Railways, Baki the Grappler, School Rumble, Hell Girl, Kaze no Stigma, Bamboo Blade, Birdy the Mighty: Decode, Initial D, and Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations.

He has also had the opportunity to be a part of many popular video games.  Some of his favorites were: voicing random ghouls and specters for Ghostbusters: The Video Game, as a contributing guitarist in Guitar Hero 3, appearing as Mega Man in Street Fighter X Tekken, and as Face McShooty and Mal in Borderlands 2.

For additional information, visit “Chris Cason’s Anime Chuckle Hut” on Facebook and @Casonworld on Twitter.


Jessi Nowack

Jessi "Nowacking" Nowack is a voice actress and parody for that vast ocean that is the internet. An actress since age 6, Jessi has lent her voice to video games, Machinima, company websites, animations, and over 100 internet parodies.

Some of her more known roles include Seras in "Hellsing Ultimate Abridged" by TeamFourStar, Sakura in "Kampfer Abridged," and Vinyl Scratch in "Epic Pie Time." She's a writer for the parody series "Pokémon 'Bridged" and also voices Misty, Nurse Joy, Suzy, and various other characters in it.

Jessi is also a regular voice heard in the Machinima "Sanity Not Included." She has her bartending license, is the Marketing Director of a small clothing business, and enjoys petting cats and baking.

Check out her website!: nowacking.pursuedbyabear.net

Michael Hecht

1KidsEntertainment, (or Michael Hecht, as some call him), is mainly known for his work on the parody series "Pokémon 'Bridged." He is editor and co-writer and provides a good chunk of voices including Ash, Pikachu, Professor Oak, James, the Pokédex, Barbara, Socky, and many more. He also voiced Kakuja in "Lord Slug Abridged" by TeamFourStar and the bully in "Naruto: The Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Show" by LittleKuriboh. He started out by writing his own Death Note Abridged, but he highly recommends you steer clear of it.

In his spare time, Mike enjoys yelling at microphones, eating his weight in ice cream (which is mathematically difficult), and making others laugh.