4/24 – Unfortunate News

Dear Quinni-Con fans,


It is with our regret that we announce that we have decided to cancel Quinni-Con 2016. We worked as hard as possible to create an incredible experience for everyone, but after evaluating the circumstances that arose along the planning and actualization process along with feedback from the guests and prospective attendees about the venue, accommodations, events, communication, and organization, we came to the conclusion that it would be better to refocus our efforts into producing an event next year that would be a positive experience for all those involved. We apologize for those who were looking forward to Quinni-Con this year.

We want this cancellation to be as painless as possible for everyone, so we will be doing the following over the next couple of weeks:

  • We will be reaching out to everyone who preregistered a badge to get your money reimbursed.
  • We will go through all outstanding emails and address any that focus on issues not related to the con.

We have learned a lot from this year, and we have already identified ways to make next year better. For example, we are going to be updating our website regularly starting much earlier, showing you our attendees the process and thinking that goes into the con, establishing a more one-on-one relationship between our attendees and guests, and having a clearly laid out plan of action for implementing the con.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed thoughts, praise, and even critiques of the con. And thank you everyone for your interest for coming together as a group to celebrate the culture, art, and shows we all love: anime!


The Quinni-Con Committee


4/23- On a serious note…

Greetings Everyone,

We here are Quinni-Con would like to thank you all for being patient and understanding with us and ask that you continue to be so as we finalize our last preparations in the upcoming week. Again we hear your concerns and comments and have taken them into account as we try and put together an event that people will enjoy. Thank you again.


Kayla Kirton

Quinni-Con Committee

4/20-Guests Line-Up!

Hello Everyone!

Hope that you are all getting excited as we get closer and closer to the start of the con.

Check out our Guest page to see the guests  that we will be hosting  for this year’s convention.


Kayla Kirton

Quinni-Con Committee

Update 3/31 – Panels, Main Events, and Guests!

Hey everyone!

Another quick update coming your way – our panel applications and main event applications are now officially CLOSED. Thank you so much for all of your submissions. We are currently reviewing these for the next few days and decisions will be made as soon as possible. Please watch your emails if you’ve submitted a panel/main event application!

We have also announced a few guests on our Facebook page!

Mike (1KidsEntertainment) and Jessi (Nowaking) from Elite3 will be joining us as featured guests! If you haven’t already seen their Pokemon ‘Bridged series on Youtube, be sure to check it out here.

Remember that there’s only a limited time to pre-register left – can’t wait to see you at the con!

Megan Graham
Quinni-con Committee

Update 3/22/16 – Artists, Vendors, and more!

Hello all! A quick update coming your way!

We’re excited to see the applications rolling for panels and main events and have been finalizing the applications for vendors and artists. Vendors and artists – please make sure to watch your emails, you should be hearing from us soon!

On the topic of vendors, these applications are now CLOSED. Thank you to all who have submitted and make sure to review our Vendor Policies once again.

As stated before, panels and main events are still being accepted right now, so please feel free to continue sending them in. We thank you for all those who have sent some in so far!

Pre-registration is still underway  – make sure to get your badge soon!

Megan Graham
Quinni-con Committee

Pre-registration is now open!

Hello everyone!

Pre-registration is now open for Quinni-Con 2016! We’re thankful for your patience as we’ve been working hard to get it up and running.

Ticket prices for pre-registration will be $10 plus tax and $15 at the door. Pre-registration is only for a limited time so make sure you buy your tickets now before the end date on April 22nd. Minors, those under 18, must present the waiver under the registration tab – even if you do not go through the pre-registration process, this waiver must be completed and presented at badge pickup.

If you are a Quinnipiac student, you can attend the con for FREE! Please follow all the instructions on the pre-registration page to receive your free badge for the con.

To pre-register, please follow this link: http://quinni-con.com/?page_id=289

Applications for vendors, panels and main events are still open. You can apply under the applications tab on the site. Vendors – please make sure you review the policies!

Applications for artists alley are now CLOSED. Thank you for all your submissions!

Megan Graham
Quinni-Con Committee